Replacing the driver in the LED…

The rules for safe use are also “cast” here. The driver case is easily disassembled and here’s what’s inside. The blocks came soldered, without retail packaging. Happy Monday and bright shopping!

Replacing the driver in the LED luminaire

I ordered several drivers of various capacities at once in order to “not go twice”. Then everything is assembled back into the case and fits where it should be. Replacing the burnt driver took only a minute and consisted of a simple soldering of the contacts. And the lamp is not quite standard. The case is not sealed, there are holes for heat dissipation. Visual inspection and ringing revealed that the problem most likely lies in the driver. The inspection found that the power of each is 4.2W, the total power of the lamp is 16.8W. I don’t know the context, but the name of the manufacturing company DARK ENERGY – Energy of Darkness is suggestive. The viability of the device will show time. Compared to the deceased predecessor, Dark Energy looks completely lean. It was not possible to twist the light bulb from the toilet due to the fact that this is one room. Patient Disassembly of one of the lamp shades showed that it uses LED modules as a light source. Therefore, the problem had to be solved radically – repaired. I ran out of light in the spotlight above the mirror in the bathroom. Which is what was done. It was decided to replace the Chinese Eaglerise with parameters 17-26V, 700mA with no less Chinese one with characteristics 12-26V, 300mA.

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