Microswitches for the mouse. Replacement.

The battery charge is enough for 30-40 days of work. We disassemble, pull out the board, solder the old ones, solder the new ones, clean the board, assemble it in the reverse order. This is a micro-review of microswitches. Two of the same half-dead always lie at the ready. Next is the replacement process itself.
To be honest, I didn’t look at brands like Omron because of the cost, but chose what was cheaper. The parcel came surprisingly quickly – in 15 days. In the mouse I use old AA batteries with a small residual capacity. How long they will work – let’s see, the time has come. There are no remarks in appearance – there is no flash, the conclusions are of the same size, the inscriptions are clear. A week of daily work – there were no false positives. It feels like the sound of the new mikriks is a little louder, not even that – a little louder.

In any case, the spares are already lying around, changing them is a matter of 10 minutes.

The search for donors began immediately. According to the sound of the clatter, the least loud ones were selected, although this is purely subjective – it is very difficult to determine by ear. Ordinary white metal, not coated with anything. P.P.S. According to a fair comment from users, I dismantled one button – no silver / gold-plated contacts were found.

Microswitches for the mouse. Everything is simple. I get it, so to speak. Conclusion – the mikriki are working, the mouse is cured, the pets are happy. At least that’s what I like to think. ))) P.S. But I paid almost the same amount for the track – so calmer.
https://jiji.ng/257-hair-oil/amla First, the left, and a week later, the right mikrik began to show off – sometimes it didn’t work the first time, then vice versa – after a single press, three or four actions were performed at once. All mikriks (20 pieces exactly) were previously checked by a short circuit tester. My good old Logitech M195 tailless mouse after years of hard work started coughing and stuttering.

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