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All in all a great scooter! Can’t imagine driving a car next summer (voluntarily)! All manipulations with the scooter are done with me. After 1000 km of running-in, I began to try to reach the maximum speed – as a result, 86 – 87 km / h and once 93. It was the month of June. It was the month of June. With strong gusts of headwind, the speed drops to 75-78 km/h. I did not want to go to the country by train. I changed the jet to a larger one, removed the air choke from the filter and adjusted the carburetor. Once I set a personal record of 111 km / h (I was driving from the Mitrofanevsky viaduct in St. For the 3400 km I have covered, there were no breakdowns. Prior to acquiring this scooter esp. more September 23, 2010 was banned for 4 months. At TO 1500, the master offered to do easy tuning, and for 800 r. Before acquiring this scooter, I didn’t really believe in the speed capabilities of 50cc, because. was the owner of the "Carpathians" (in his youth). The speed increased to 99-102 km / h – on a straight road. Didn’t cheat. The sound of a running engine has become "nobler" (before that it was like a loud ratchet). However, the seller in the store promised that this aragon model would travel 90 km/h. I did not want to go to the country by train. The result was noticeable at the first start. Petersburg). Particularly pleased with the cost of passing warranty maintenance 300, 800,1500,2500 (350r – cleaning the air filter (every 1000 km), 400r – changing the oil in the gearbox (once every six months), tightening the nodes – for free).

Cpi Aragon Reviews

I bought a https://cars45et.com/listing/toyota/rav4/2016 scooter for a banal reason – because was banned for 4 months.

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