ATuMan DUKA RS2 “pocket” set of screwdrivers and ratchet sockets

Yes, and at home, if you do not seriously engage in repair work, such a set can be useful. Closes securely with a plastic clasp.

ATuMan DUKA RS2 "pocket" set of screwdrivers and ratchet sockets

The ratchet and extension cord are pressed from above with a piece of foam rubber. A plastic case made of ABS plastic arrived in a regular cardboard box. All tools are held securely in their sockets. Weight 412 grams Inside set consisting of 22 different bits, 9 sockets, extension and ratchet. The size of the case is 160x95x38 mm But not everyone needs them. This set came to review from Banggood. Sometimes you need a small case, which contains the most necessary keys and screwdrivers, which can be put in a bag or a small bag, if not in your pocket. I understand that it is better to have a set of keys, heads, screwdrivers for all occasions, a grinder, a welding machine and other tools. And even if sometimes they are needed, then if there is no garage or other place for storage, then there is simply nowhere to store all this. They promise that the bits are made of S2 steel, and the heads are made of CRV chrome vanadium steel.

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