An adapter for replacing a D battery…

At first, the clasp of the lid caused some concern, it is made of very thin plastic. When walking, shaking, etc., there is no chain break. They are made of a soft alloy and in combination with playing batteries, there were fears that the contact would be lost. Relatives from the village were asked to find D-format batteries for an ancient radio.
There were also questions about negative contacts. I put 6 serially connected adapters in the lantern. The cassette is 3 cells slightly wider than the D battery. But nothing, if the device is stationary, then there is no gap.
/> But nothing, still alive. Weight is about 10.5 g, the dimensions are almost identical to the D format. I have not seen a battery compartment where they did not fit. This one at first glance is the best, but like everything in our life has its own nuances.

3) The third option is for 3 batteries. Batteries as a way out, they give out 10-16ah, in principle, this is good, but they are not there and the radio eats them quite cheerfully and quickly, which is also not interesting financially. I can The batteries remain open, are installed rigidly, it is not convenient to get them back. This type is very tenacious and useful in the household. I took it in a store that no longer sells them, this is the first thing I found.
I settled on the second option. Batteries in this format are sold there exclusively lousy, they leak almost immediately. I started looking for adapters for the common AA format. They do not agree to the new radio, they are used to the old one. I have been using adapters for more than 8 months, nothing has broken yet. I decided to look at what is in this format and came to the disappointing conclusion that almost all batteries of this format in reality have a capacity of no more than 5000 mAh and the price is too high. History. Of the pluses, I would like to note the price of about $ 0.5 per piece and a tightly closed case, if the batteries leak, they will not flood the battery compartment with electrolyte (now there are enough fakes of terrible quality).
2) For 2 batteries – AA batteries, from the advantages of a closed case, 2 times higher capacity compared to the first option. Ali has many.
1) One AA battery.

An adapter for replacing a D battery with two AAs, a mini review of the necessary and most importantly working thing

Of the minuses, this is ultimately a very low capacity, of the pluses, it holds well, does not play in the adapter case.
There are 3 main types of adapters,

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